Mollusk Foundation Chartiable Activities

Nearly 40 million Americans experience Food Insecurity at some point during the year - a tragedy that that the Mollusk Foundation is fighting at every turn. A few of Mollusk's activities in the fight against hunger are:

1.) Mollusk employees camp in front of free sample trays at the local Whole Foods, gorging themselves like Grizzly bears during a salmon run. Inflation may be driving up the price of food, but free is free.

2.) Recognizing that financial stress is the primary cause of hunger in America, has opposed to an actual shortage of food production, the Mollusk Foundation has teamed up with local homeless shelters in teaching the poor to shoplift.

"Give a man a free meal, you've fed him for one day. Teach him to shoplift, and you've fed him him for life. Teach him to rob banks, and you've fed him for life without possibility of parole."

3.) Overeating. Mollusk Foundation research has proven that overeating is a scientifically proven method of preventing hunger. "Supersize Me" isn't just a movie title at Mollusk, it's a way of life.