Mollusk Marketing Advertising - Waste Product

The Client Problem: Waste ProductTM Grain Alcohol sales were in a stupor.

The Mollusk Solution: Fortunately, the clients brought their product to Mollusk, where, mixed in generous quantities with an energy drink (BuzzKillz, yet another Mollusk promoted product), an innovative solution was consumed. Or arrived at. Whatever.

The clients core ingredients for producing grain alcohol were whatever organic material was inexpensive and would ferment. Little thought was given to quality, safety, or even making the stuff less posionous. Mollusk turned this into an advantage by postioning the vile fluid as "green."

Which, due to random and substantial impurities, it sometimes was. After all, Waste ProductTM was recycling the dregs no one less would touch into a liquid that required less packaging and fuel to transport per unit of drunkness than any other type of booze.

Motivational Thought of the Day:

"Fluoridation is the most monstrously conceived and dangerous communist plot we have ever had to face."

-Maj. Gen Ripper (ret), USAF