Mollusk Public Relations - Gray Ice

The Client Problem: An Alabama-based International Security Provider, Gray Ice, faced congressional investigation and falling employee morale after a few minor slip-ups involving international drug trafficking, a minor mix-up in the employee manual that appeared to institutionalize gay sexual assualt as a training procedure, a handful of understandable incidents of "spray and pray," the sale of fissionable materials, and the untimely death of a Belgian politician and his family and just a few of their neighbors, which was really pretty much his fault, given how hard he was pushing for an investigation of a Congolese warlord and part-time slave trader. Mind your own damn business!

The Mollusk Solution: Turn these incidents into a "can do" image using famous war photos. After all, when you hire Mercs, oops, Contractors, oops, International Peace Monitors, you want action. And Gray Ice can certainly make things happen. Never mind that most of what happens is the logical result of providing a group of up-liquored rednecks with heavy weapons.

And, you can turn this into recuiting moment as well. For the people who have be told, at some point in their lives: "There's something really wrong with you." At last, there's a place where these people belong. Don't forget the patriotism angle: The paramilitary action you undertake overseas may be hurting America, but there's net benefit to the Merc being gone, and the chance that he doesn't come back!

Motivational Thought of the Day:

"It is perfectly obvious that the whole world is going to hell."

-J. Robert Oppenheimer

Molloptimistic Turn Around:

"WMDs offer you unconditional love. You can forget about them, you can ignore them, blow off their birthday, and you can deny their very existence. But they'll always be there for you, waiting patiently, with you in their heart."

Molloptimistic Turn Around 2:

"We are the solution to the insoluble problem we represent."