Mollusk Marketing Advertising - Buzz-Killz

Buzz Killz is THE energy drink for a generation that likes to live (our lawyers hope) on the edge. A powerful proprietary blend of random stimulants, Buzz Killz gets you up for anything (assuming the heart palpatations don't get you down permanently).

Buzz Killz should not be consumed by pregnant women, or anyone who was born after a pregancy. Common side effects include homicidal rage, explosive flatulence, and attacks of zombie bats. Do not consume Buzz Killz on a planet with heavy equipment. Less common, but more serious side effects have including spontaneous combustion and assualts with power tools.

Buzz Killz must be used under the incarcerated care of a shaman. Avoid solar radiation, prayer, and racoons while consuming Buzz Killz. Never ask questions.

"May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won't."

-George S. Patton